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Adress: Jln. Lingkungan I karya perdamaian kecamatan stabat

Phone number: 6281367257923

Guider: Agung Eko Pratama


Adress: Dsn. Kedunglo Ds. Cengkok Rt. 07 Rw 16 Kec. Ngronggot

Phone number: 6281259123855

Guider: Damiyanto


Adress: Kelurahan Panempan Pamekasan

Phone number: 6281332249145

Guider: Khairul Anam


Adress: Jl. Way Laga No. 28 Kel. Yosorejo Kec. Metro Timur Kota Metro Lampung

Phone number: 6281272278246

Guider: Machmud Nurokhim


Adress: JL. RE. Martadinata V, No. 97, RT/RW. 029/002, Pagar Dewa, Selebar

Phone number: 6282281663329

Guider: Dedi Yanto


Adress: Jln. Konggoasa 47 Kolaka

Phone number: 6281341608660

Guider: Muchlis de Gorie


Adress: Jln.Stasiun Legok No.8 RT 4 RW 1 Pekuncen Banyumas

Phone number: 6282221155363

Guider: Muhamad Lutfi

09.30 — offices are open.
10.00 — 12.00 sharing and consultation
12.00 — 13.30 break
13.30 — 15.00 introduction of MMM and ideology
15.00 — 17.00 introduction of systems and information technology
17.00 — offices closed.

In every Wednesday night at 19.00 — 21.00 we are holding home sharing.

All participants MMM Indonesia from any structure could use the 2nd floor MMM Office, of course, to confirm first, as a forum for consultation home sharing, sharing opinions, and proposals for the good of MMM Indonesia.

Saturday charity. at 10.00 — 12.00.

on Saturday minimal 1x times a month we held a charity or social events, we invite foundation / orphanage came to MMM Office Surabaya. As a community that has the ideology of mutual help , this is the embodiment of our help others.